English: Horse-Workshop PFERDEMENSCH

Experience the beginning and a fresh start of your connection to horses


This is the first attempt to offer an explanation in English language by using a translation program and taking care of basic corrections.
With PFERDEMENSCH (Horse WoMan) I offer you, together with the horses, a personal, powerful experience in the free herd of horses.
With PFERDEMENSCH you can get a relaxed first or (as an experienced rider) entirely new basis to be with horses, to be on horseback. I, Nina Fischer, lead and accompany you there, reflecting with you with all I know as a longtime horse woman & Cavaleira and also with all I do NOT know. Because the fusion of own knowledge and the conscious access to more extensive knowledge by your intuition, the instinct, is a so valuable key in the eternal learning to be a Horse WoMan.
Very important teachers are the horses and you by yourself. You will have enough leisure to just perceive the herd, to be even part of it and to discover your own horsepower.
PFERDEMENSCH is a way of life that arises from the conscious connection between horse and human. And with this feeling we ride  – horse and human – outside in the nature.
In PFERDEMENSCH we dive into the very special peace, energy and presence of horses, from where we can develop a powerful connection to us and to the horse – as a beginner for the first time or as an experienced rider on a whole new way.
Nina Fischer

Nina Fischer

On that base we enjoy riding clinics in nature – called CAVALEIRO – we then grow more and more to be confident riders – to be cavaliers on horseback. Out of a deep connection with yourself and the horse.  Out of inner attitude and body awareness. All this founded on the teaching of the base of Classical Portuguese Dressage  … with a lot of joy!
For dates and bookings of PFERDEMENSCH in English language please contact me via email: mail(at)ninafischer.net
The booking is not binding until confirmed by Nina Fischer.


Am 2. Tag (Foto: Ilja van de Kasteele)

Short description: PFERDEMENSCH is a seminar in which you can immerse yourself in the free herd into being a HorseWoMan. It touches your longing for harmony, peace and strength. It’s a world where you can be present as a Horse-WoMan again and can come into in a balanced life with horses by discovering your true self-leadership; and beyond the seminar in your everyday life and profession.

LOCATION: PFERDEMENSCH takes place in the Westerwald in the so special world of the travellers on horseback/trail riders – on the Fischerhof 56410 Reckenthal, Germany.

Here you meet the experienced trail riding horses of the Fischerhof – life in their herd. They live on their pastures and in their natural rhythm.

For who is it useful to attend PFERDEMENSCH?
For …

… experienced riders as well as
… people who want to start to ride
… people who want to learn the essence of horse from scratch
… people who want to explore the horse as an inspiration
… people who want to connect with the strength of their intuition
… people who want to practice empathy, clarity, leadership
… people who want to learn how to handle fear.

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What would I, Nina Fischer, like to offer with PFERDEMENSCH?
„A true encounter with what we are longing for when we get in touch with horses:
Bonding, peace, presence, attention, strength and inspiration.
I want the participants to come closer to the essence of being with horses and what it can teach us about ourselves and then to lead them.“

Arrival 15 pm:
2 hours seminar program on the Fischerhof
Arrival and immersion into the world of horses
On day 1, it comes to: Watch – learn – contact – with yourself and the horse. The flight and herd animal horse holds up a mirror. It shows us the inner perception in the expression. Here comes to access trust and intuition.
And on Day 2: We step into 2 strong motivations of the horse and reflect them as a human being. A very valuable day with horses and for personal development!
On the 3rd day: Feel – focus / decide – act – and after the experience of my Mental Riding School, you may ride! We are essentially on the ground, on the the 3rd day we do a tour on horseback – if you want.
Note for experienced riders: we will all be beginners at the start. I offer you the opportunity perceive the horse without giving them the meanings and interpretations that we (I am a very experienced rider too). This we cast off. And also the maybe not really authentic external strength that we might have developed before. Then we can discover to be a PFERDEMENSCH, the true gifts in the compound.

Nina Fischer, surrounded by horses and people – that makes her happy!

Elke Busch may attend too, with an own part in the PFERDEMENSCH-Seminar


Setting: On request 1 night in the tent at the horses pasture, participating from 16 years upwards (exceptions prove the rule, please inquire individually), everyone should be able and be ready for to be responsible and to act politely in the group.

Price & bookings:
Price for the workshop, seminar leader and the horses:
€ 629.- per person for 3.5 days
excl. half board see below
Special price for repeaters !:
€ 429.- per Wiederholerin / repeater for 3.5 days
excl. half board see below
Special combo price * for repeaters in combined booking
with CAVALEIRO I – the riding course in the wild:
€ 948.- (instead of 1.298.-)
excl. half board see below * to combine in the same calendar year!

Half board at the Fischerhof by Thursday-evening to Sunday lunch
per person (excl. drinks) € 220.-. Nina Fischer passes the price for the horses and board and lodging directly to the service provider.

Nina Fischer and contractors assume no liability for injury or damage.

Registration for the workshop can best be done by mail or phone mail@ninafischer.net and remains until it is confirmed by Nina Fischer suggested.

Nina Fischer
Phone: 0049 (0)2602-838 65 75
mail (at) ninafischer.net